Brightridge Network exists in order to provide a benefit for people that don't have coverage for something as important as hearing aids. Most insurance companies don't provide coverage for hearing devices. Those that do, often require a person to settle for something less than adequate. The Brightridge Network's goal is to network with local providers, negotiate a reduced cost on hearing aids and connect you to that benefit. By networking with industry leading professionals who employee the latest hearing technology, you get qualified professional using the proper tools to ensure you reach your full hearing potential.

By using the Brightridge Network you are guaranteed to save on the cost of hearing aids as though your insurance was covering a portion of the price. Even those that have absolutely no coverage still qualify for our exclusive network. Brightridge Network is not tied directly to a specific insurance group, it allows us to provide benefits to everyone that has a need for hearing improvement. It also allows us to find hearing specialists that we know will care for their patients and are committed to helping people on their path for better hearing.

At Brightridge we also offer state of the art hearing devices to help get you started. All the device we offer come with a 100% money back guarantee AND a 100% trade in credit if you purchase a device from a professional in our network. We believe this is the best way to start your journey on the path to better hearing. You have the opportunity to try a hearing device with no worries of losing out. Click the link to see what's available to help with your hearing. Online Products

We are excited for the opportunity to help you in your hearing journey. We look forward to speaking with you about your hearing needs, and connecting you with a hearing clinic that will care for you as much as we do. Your feedback along the way will be appreciated as we seek to make the Brightridge Network and it's providers the best hearing benefit network available. Everyone that needs help hearing the world around them deserves to have the benefit of better hearing. Now they can with the Brightridge Network hearing benefits plan. Thank you, and we look forward to serving you.

HOW IT WORKS - Step by Step